Buick 215 v8 bellhousing

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Buick 215 v8 bellhousing

The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. OK, does anyone know if the stock 3-speed bellhousing for a buick will accept a t-5, I have heard the V-8 t-5's from mid 90's camaros and such will bolt right up and the bolt pattern looks correct, but I'd like to know if anyone knows for sure.

I checked the splines on the input shaft on a junk t-5 and it looks the same as the splines on my stock clutch, but I dont know if there are any spacing issues. Please help me out if anyone knows. GM was pretty good about manual trannys in the old days being interchangeable The 4 cyl and 60 degree V6 trans is different. ArmstrongFeb 9, Marq,I understand these trans. Do you have any info on them? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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No, create an account now.With the advent in of a new Rover block with cross-bolted mains and a 3. The stroker incorporates an esoteric blend of parts from the Buick, Rover, Ford and Chevrolet parts bins, but the combination is well proven and all of the parts are readily available.

The primary components are a late Rover block mated to a - 67 Buick crankshaft and '64 Buick heads. Below are Dan's recommendations for a "basic" stroker which will put out plenty of torque and live a long time.

These are listed in the recipe below as "mandatory" items. To go to the nth degree of preparation and gain some longevity under demanding conditions, and probably a few more horses several "insurance" options are noted.

The new block incorporates added reinforcing webbing, but more importantly, it also carries cast-in bosses for 4-bolt main bearing caps: two vertical bolts per earlier production, plus two horizontal bolts securing each cap from the side and effectively tying the whole lower end securely together. The new block casting carries the number HRC on one side.

The Buick 90 Degree V6 Engine

The four bolt bosses are in place, but not drilled for the current 3. The block we are most interested in is for the 4. These engines do have 4-bolt mains with the corresponding larger caps. Flexing of the lower end has been completely eliminated and the lower end is now practically bulletproof. Rover 4. Apparently, Rover feels that if a crankshaft requires grinding undersize, it should be replaced outright.

If the Buick crankshaft is in good condition and only requires a polish, the stock Rover main bearings can be used. However, if the crankshaft has been ground undersize, Buick undersize bearings are readily available and can be installed in the Rover block. This will require line boring the block's main bearing bores approximately 0. Dan Lagrou recommends this procedure even with a stock crank journal size in case the crank needs grinding undersize at a later rebuild.

Mandatory Operations: 1 Check the cylinder bores for diameter and out-of-round condition. There seems to have been a problem with the cylinders being slightly oval on the 4.

For this reason, any Rover block should be over-bored 0. Check and make sure the machine shop will be using torque plates when they bore the block. The cylinder bores can distort a few thousands of an inch when the heads are bolted on. It is counterproductive to carefully machine the block, without torque plates, only to have the cylinders distort during engine assembly.

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Clean all small bores and oil passages with a plastic brush. Dry with compressed air and oil the cylinder bores immediately. Insurance Operations: 1 Check the block for casting flash and spend a little time with a grinder, smoothing off sharp casting lines and removing flash.

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Just as with a cast-iron block, fatigue fractures in an aluminum version will always initiate on sharp edges.Log in or Sign up. Registration trouble? Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right corner of the page and your issue will be resolved.

Aug 19, Joined: Sep 20, Messages: 9, Joined: Feb 2, Messages: Rover uses it still today in a more modern version on their Landcrusires. James P. EnderwiesAug 19, Joined: Sep 19, Messages: Joined: Aug 10, Messages: 20, Yeah, glass body flattie with big paddle tires. Linckiel, we're with you though if you want to put it in your CJ5!

Joined: Feb 3, Messages: My cousin has had a in his flatfender for 20 years. T90 transmisiion. Fits like a glove and runs very well.

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The fit is no problem. Joined: Sep 22, Messages: 4, DanStewAug 19, McruffAug 19, On Sale. Tell us what vehicle you drive so we can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. You've Selected:. Clear All.

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buick 215 v8 bellhousing

Ignition, Charging and Starting. Electrical, Lighting and Wiring. Driveline and Axles. Cooling and Heating. Part Ships Free. Quick View. Spline Count: 10 Shaft Diameter: 1. Part D Part RM Overall Height: 5. Part ACC. Part HP Part SI. Edelbrock High Performance Thermostat, Mechanical, degrees.Have you priced a Chevy aluminum small-block lately?

And that merely gets you a bare block. No crank, rods, pistons, camshaft, or valve gear. No wonder most of us make do with the old "iron horses. It doesn't have to be that way. For well under the purchase price of the Chevy bare block, you can build an affordable aluminum V8 with displacements up to cubic inches. Not really.

buick 215 v8 bellhousing

Since the motors had cast iron cylinder liners, corrosion is not nearly the problem it was on the linerless Vegas. While it's true that parts on the out-of-production motor are not exactly plentiful, many parts from more modern motors can be substituted with little or no reworking. Both these individuals also hoard tons of hard-to-find parts. Before there were Buick V6's, there was a lightweight aluminum V8 installed in many Buicks and Olds, and some Pontiacs. Designed originally as an economy engine, it found its way into several quasi-high-performance applications, including Olds' turbocharger applications.

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Later, the tooling was sold to Rover, where a descendant powers that company's products to this day. There were two major variants: the Buick version and the Olds version. Olds engines may be identified by their angled 5-bolt valve covers; Buicks have flatter 4-bolt covers.

Pontiacs used the Olds versions. The late British Rover motor is based on the Buick, and except for different accessory mounting bosses on the cylinder heads, it is considered universally, dimensionally, and functionally interchangeable with the Buick design.

However, the imported parts are quite expensive. Olds cylinder heads are bolted to the block using six bolts per cylinder, while Buicks use only five bolts. The extra Olds head bolt also retains the Olds rocker shafts. Valve train pieces from the pushrods on up are not interchangeable between the two versions. Buick blocks don't have the extra head bolt hole drilled in them, and the casting has insufficient thickness to add it.

For this reason, an Olds head cannot be installed on a Buick block, although a Buick head and its associated valve train components will bolt on an Olds block using only five bolts per cylinder. Head bolt holes are blind, so water jacket seepage from the empty hole isn't a problem. Combustion chamber design also differs, with the Buick using a slightly more open-type design.

The Olds head runs better on low-octane gas, but the Buick makes more power in racing trim. Buick has only one type of cylinder head, varying compression by changing piston design. Olds, conversely, uses only one piston, altering compression by varying combustion chamber volume. Since the Olds had a unique valve train not shared by later Olds engines, while the Buick version gave birth to later Buick V6's and V8's, parts for Buicks are much more plentiful than for the Olds.

Also helping tilt the scales in the Buick's favor is its greater production numbers, outnumbering the Olds as it did by about a ratio. Once unbuttoned, the is not really unfamiliar at all - it looks like a Buick V6 with two extra cylinders. As a Buick V6 relative, it shares that engine's oiling system problems. The same fixes apply to it as on the V6: For high-performance street use, use a bigger pickup, high-capacity oil pump, increased pan capacity, and larger diameter block oiling passages see photos.

For racing, adopt the various external systems developed for the Buick V6. The bottom-end presents no particular durability problems on the street. For high-performance work, bearing clearance should be kept around. Overbore potential is limited to around.T5 bellhousing spacer plates? Hi everyone, New builder here.

buick 215 v8 bellhousing

I am collecting pieces for a V8 conversion into a rubber bumper shell, and I've been scraping craigslist for a while. So far, I've got: 4. I priced TVR bellhousings on UK eBay, and let's just say there's no need to even consider what the shipping costs would be! My trans came with a Mustang 5. If I need bellhousing spacers no matter what bellhousing I have, is it possible to make a custom spacer to go between the Ford bellhousing and the Rover engine?

Re: T5 bellhousing spacer plates? Posted by: mgb Date: April 08, AM. A Camaro T5 bolts up directly. I've not heard of a plate to use the Ford bellhousing. Posted by: mstemp Date: April 08, AM. Call Mark and tell him what you have and he will set you up. Yeah, with the BOPR the bellhousing is always the issue. Lots of choices, it's only money right?

I measured it at 7" deep. The starter locations are close, as are the bolt holes. Does anyone have the depth measurements for the BOPR bellhousings? I think I've heard that the adapter plate to bolt a ford T5 to a gm bell is about an inch thick.

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Haven't seen it personally. But I can tell you this, it's a lot cheaper and easier to put the plate between the bell and the tranny than between the bell and the block.Buick with T5 transmission. Posted by: celicoupe Date: March 07, PM. Hello all. I am here from 1stgencelica. I will be putting a in a Celica some day and was wondering if you need a particular bell housing to couple with a T5 transmission. I havent aquired a transmission yet but I am interested in a world class T5 with a tall gear ratio.

Re: Buick with T5 transmission. Posted by: tr8todd Date: March 07, PM. You need to find a bell housing from either a buick or oldsmobile or early v6. They will pop up from time to time. You will also most likely need to use and annular sleeve hydraulic throwout mechanism. Tilton makes a nice one. I don't know if the Celica used a cable or a hydraulic clutch release, so you will have to consider that as well.

And then you will have to have a driveshaft made. And then Good luck. I wish you well. A ought to make that little car scoot.

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Thanks for the input. The celicas used hydraulic clutches so I will try to utilize the existing clutch master cylinder. This is a nice forum you got here. Edited 2 time s.

The GM bellhousing only works for certain T5s. You can use the Mustang T5s, but they come in three different input shaft lengths. In case you haven't seen this before, here is one of the best threads about the different T5 configurations: [ www.

Posted by: celicoupe Date: March 08, AM.

63 Marinette Dual Buick 215 V8

Very good reading, thank you. I'd better study shifter position before I pick up a transmission. You can buy them separately.

buick 215 v8 bellhousing

Shifter position is something to consider. The F-body T5 has the shifter pretty far back. I swapped out the tailhousing with a "Ford" WC T5. All that was needed to do was swap out the tailshaft bushing with the GM dia. Went right in, no problem. The other problem is the speedo gear is located in the wrong spot for the "Ford" tailhousing.

I wrapped some sheet metal around the main shaft tail and pressed the speedo gear from the GM main shaft on to it to put it in the right location.


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