Super mario bros 2 save editor

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Super mario bros 2 save editor

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Super Mario Bros 2

Adventures of Lolo haled This is an editor for Adventures of Lolo 1 and was originally called vile. It can edit levels, enemies, and block colors. Arkanoid ArkEdit This is a editor for the game Arkanoid. And edits all 32 or 36 levels of the game depending on if the game is japanese or the us version as it supports both. It is pretty simple and straightforward to use.

In addition to editing the level setup, you can also edit your starting info, including of lives and tank type.

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Features include editing of blocks, maps, enemies, gateways, and a few other things. It's easy to expand and to distribute your own hacks. Right now, you can edit the levels, enemies, and level headers.

This editor is for Castlevania1, and basically edits all of the levels. However, the order of the rooms is wrong since Kent Hansen hasn't found the roomorder table yet. Castlevania Stake You can edit the levels of the original Castlevania with this tool, including palettes, stairs, doors, entrances, enemies, the ending, intro, platforms and much, much more.

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Castlevania 2 Simon Says This is a Castlevania 2 editor that currently edits every level in the game with some bugs. By never-obsolete. Crystalis CryEdit The editor only edits the very first area of the game. Dragon Warrior Dragon Warrior 1 Massive Data Editor This is a Dragon Warrior 1 data editor and that edits most of the stats of characters and also stats of monsters and what the shops sell. Dragon Warrior Town Edit This is a Dragon Warrior 1 town editor and edits other features of the game as well including the overworld maps.

You can also edit the teleporters in Dragon Warrior 2. Also you can edit the world in Dragon Warrior 1 but you cant save it. Use townedit instead. The editor allows you to change bouts and set odds for the fights in the Fight Ring. You can adjust the odds, and pick which enemies fight out of all the enemies in the game including dummied ones The current version is a vast improvement over the previous ones. This utility can edit a lot of features for Final Fantasy 1.

It lets you change the spells you have, and other things. Check it out. So far, it can edit stats, spells, gear, proficiencies and monster stats. Sprite editing has not yet been implemented. I Joe level editor by Mega-Dog. It's mouse driven, letting you point and click your own Ghosts and Goblins game.

If you want to make the game even harder, or easier, or whatever, get this. Pretty soon item, enemy and map editors should be implemented. I'd like to see a new version of this game, as well as with the other editors; if you actually do one we're not talking 1 screenplease tell me. Perry recreates the entire overworld map of Naju, letting the player experience a new world everytime they play.

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This will let you design levels for that redundant, yet incredibly fun NES game you could play for hours on end, GunSmoke.

Have fun with this one! Kung Fu 2 Kung Fu 2 Bitstring Packer And Unpacker Written by Parasyte,these are unpackers and repackers for the compressed bitstrings used to store the script and other game data. This great little nes utility lets you move around any of the squares in zelda and switch them around to make your own zelda maps, definitely a fun and extremely creative utility.

Super Mario Flash 2

See Dungeon Master for a dungeon editor from the same author.By DaBlackDeathSep 6, 25, 28 9. Page 1 of 2. OP DaBlackDeath.

super mario bros 2 save editor

Level Joined: Dec 22, Messages: Country:. But dunno if it's me or game or editor. It was working only for File 1 File 2 and 3 were unchanged and no starcoins, just money. So I decided to release my one. After a stupid accident where my whole project folder got deleted, I managed to finish it once again almost.

Last edited by DaBlackDeathFeb 18, KDbGalladeGuyFebruarysn0w and 6 others like this. Level 2. Joined: Aug 6, Messages: Country:. Level 3. Joined: Jun 13, Messages: Country:. Wow, good job I may be able to use it later today. Joined: Jan 17, Messages: 10, Country:.

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Fuck you, coins! I will now play without having to grind for all of them! Now all that's left is just adding an option to edit the DLC courses saves and times. One question, is this compatible with all regions and also with the Gold Edition of the game? Post 1 updated to latest version. EarlAB hon hon titty croissants. Joined: Jul 25, Messages: Country:. Will this work on a digital copy? I got another question.Now based on Super Mario World, the game include : vertical scrolling, two layers of tiles, Auto-scrolling levels, Movable layer 2 screenshot 5 and Water Mode level.

Mario has also more moves, he can : swim, slide, climb on vines, walk on walls and fly using his magic cape feather. Mario can carry objects like a koopa shell, a springboard or the pow switch.

Yoshi is also present to help Mario to deal with way more types of monsters than the first game. The world map is back with a SMW look, you can unlock the four hidden switch palace.

Super Mario Flash 2, of course, also includes an in-game level editor which allows you to create your own levels with powers ups, tiles, monsters and platforms. Note: you can save and share your levels using level codes generated by the game.

The game also use the flash player to run into your browser, so make sure you have the latest version installed. You can play as Mario or Luigi and the goal is to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser :S.

The game is made to be similar but its not a exact copy. So all the levels are new and some objects are taken from other Mario games, like the world map in SMB3. Super Mario Flash includes an in-game level editor which allows you to create your own levels with powers ups, tiles, monsters and platforms.

The game also use the flash player to run into your browser so make sure you have the latest version installed. Home Contact Top.Level 9. Joined: Aug 20, Messages: 2, Country:. Instructions: 1. Copy it to your computer 3. It should come up with info about your saves.

Modify it to your liking then save and quit 5. Import the save back into your game and you should now have your modified save game. Returnofganon I pretend like I know what I'm talking about. Level 4. Joined: Jul 1, Messages: Country:. Looks cool man, I hope that this picks up. I wouldn't mind if a level editor was released along side this. Kvnrdrguez likes this. Level Joined: Dec 8, Messages: 5, Country:. Source code? Level 7. Joined: Nov 21, Messages: Country:.

Feature requests: 'Start as' value 'Stock Item' value. Kvnrdrguez and ElyosOfTheAbyss like this. Hiccup likes this. Joined: Dec 22, Messages: Country:. Did you find any unused values for 'start as' or 'stock item'? It's been a long time when I made my Editor, so tbh I can't remember. I guess TheToxicRyu will reply soon with more info. GalladeGuy Cool and Epic. Joined: Oct 28, Messages: 2, Country:. What about Reggie Next? That is a level editor.

super mario bros 2 save editor

This is a save editor.Play one of the most popular platformer games of all time and complete all levels! Take the role of Mario and rescue the princess in Super Mario Bros 2! Will you be able to complete all 20 different levels across the seven world?

Good luck and have fun! Super Mario Bros 2 was so popular that it was remade and re-released several times on several different consoles and features many fan-based creations. The game features many characters, enemies, and items from the preceding game — the game was also the first Mario game where the player has the ability to pick up and throw objects at enemies to defeat them. Super Mario Bros 2 is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers.

Super Mario Bros 2 has likes from user ratings. If you enjoy this game then also play games Super Mario Bros. Arcade Spot brings you the best games without downloading and a fun gaming experience on your computers, mobile phones, and tablets. New arcade games and the most popular free online games are added every day to the site. Super Mario Bros 2. Game Information. Show Reviews.In this editor you dont need to place any special objects, its will be placed automaticaly by editor.

Newest Hacks. Extra Melody Bros.

What if Super Mario Bros. looked like Super Mario Bros 2?

Hebereke Mario Bros. Star Ocean. Super Mario Kart.

super mario bros 2 save editor

Mega Man X3. SF2 Graphics Editor. Image to SNES converter. Mario Party Tools. Eternal Champions Hacking Notes. Super Mario Bros. Two Player Hack Editing. Text editing in Hebereke's Popoon. Prototype levels - and they are interesting. The culmination of an honorable work! This HACK is a mix of tests! Less Melody. Pong de las Tortugas Ninja II. Pong de las Tortugas Ninja. Metal Blast Featured Hack Images.

Personal Projects.I was just so impressed with everything. From the minute I made my first enquiry, till the point I was dropped off at the airport on my return, I felt that I was important to Nordic Visitor and nothing was too much trouble. Can I pay particular tribute to Karolina our tour guide.

She is an absolute credit to your company. She really went out of her way to ensure we all had a wonderful holiday. She was professional, diligent, so hardworking and we all fell in love with her. Everything about this trip was so easy and Thor did an amazing job at assisting with all aspects, adding and changing our schedule and providing us with all the information necessary for an amazing trip.

Both my girlfriend and I were delighted with every aspect of the trip, from the booking, all the way through to the accommodation, transfers, and activities. Utterly perfect The overall experience exceeded our expectations and was a truly wonderful experience. The husky sled transfer from the airport was amazing. Every trip we did had helpful, happy and informative staff.

I cannot express enough how much we loved every aspect of this trip. We are older adults, and have both traveled extensively. We adored Iceland, and we both agreed this was the BEST trip we have ever taken. You were absolutely amazing from the beginning till the end. All the hotels were awesome with its great views. Recommendations provided for food and sights to see were great. Providing phone and hotel contacts were great so we could inform them we would be checking in late.

We had a lot of questions in planning for the trip and Dagny was there with us throughout the process answering every question in detail patiently. This couldn't have been a better experience :) We highly recommend using NV services. The little gems along the way were a great touch.

We really enjoyed the secret hot springs and homemade ice cream (Efstidalur) that Arnar made notes of on our map. The map with the highlighted routes and stops was a lifesaver.

The planning and prebookings were also a relief so everything was along the way and easy to get through.

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Overall, we were impressed with how well planned everything was. All the guesthouses we stayed in were very very comfortable. Much better than we had expected and the owners were all lovely. We always had a good home cooked breakfast and sometimes a dinner was provided at a cost of course. We were so glad we had chosen the "budget" accommodation to experience being in someone's home and meeting others staying there.

Would highly recommend this type of accommodation. Found driving around Iceland quite easy. It is the only way to do it rather than be with a tour bus.

The GPS helped a lot as did the general maps. The main map was excellent where our route was plotted out for us. Just loved the whole experience. Each day seemed to be better than the previous such a beautiful country of contrasts. Put plenty of photos on Facebook and so many of our friends did not realise how amazing and picturesque Iceland is. The day tours were excellent, particularly the ones from Hofn, Isafjordur and Akureyri. We are really grateful to the guides on these tours for making them so interesting and special.

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This vacation was our honeymoon.


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